Would Massage Help You?

Receiving a regular massage is an effective way to manage a variety of health issues. Today we’re going to talk about some of the ways a massage can provide effective relief to patients to have conditions which warrant a little care instead of medications.

The lower backache

Lower backs bear the brunt of plenty of activities; too much driving, sitting at a desk, repeatedly lifting small children, or over-exuberant yard work. The pain can be debilitating. In most cases, finding the cause and eliminating it will keep it from returning. But, that isn’t always possible. Instead of living in misery, getting a massage will help ease that pain, making light exercise an option again.

We sometimes hold stress in our back and shoulders.

We sometimes hold stress in our back and shoulders.


Stress is part of our daily lives, but some of us are prone to ‘hold’ stress in our back and shoulder muscles. The same is true for our patients who may be depressed or anxious. The tension will cause stiffness and often pain. A massage relieves stress tension and gives the body a kind of ‘reboot,’ so the patient can go back to pain-free, graceful movements.


Headaches can be caused by tension, with or without accompanying back pain. If a patient gets tension headaches, a massage is a means of relieving stress. Massage may even prevent headaches.


When a patient has insomnia, being able to relax is one of the easiest ways to trip the sleep meter back into a regular sleep pattern. As with patients who hold stress, a massage will help a patient to relax and yet invigorate them at the same time, making sleep less elusive.

After an injury

If the patient has had an accident or injury, a massage can help soothe a body which had been traumatized or as part of a physical therapy program. Even after accidents in which there wasn’t an injury, a massage can relieve the body of the stress which is sometimes caused by a traumatic event.

For better health

Taking care of your body when it’s hurting can bring it to a place of more strength. This kind of strength can help push through the challenges and stressors we all face. A relaxed body offers the mind a chance to follow suit, so if a person is feeling a little low or rundown, a massage can be a part of getting back to a place of comfort and endurance and can be part of a regular health routine. Ask your physical therapist if massage might benefit you.

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