When I first went to Touchstone Rehabilitation, I was confined to a wheelchair after having suffered a T-12 incomplete spinal cord injury from a rock climbing accident. Dan Bonaroti told me that he didn’t know where I would end up, but he would commit to working his hardest to helping me realize my dream of walking again. It is now 1.5 years later and I am walking with crutches and am working towards a cane. To say that Dan is exceptional would be an understatement. He has truly changed my life.

Post accident, my wife found lots of PT’s, but, she wasn’t impressed with anyone when it came to prosthetics, and how to use them. Until she found Dan Bonaroti. That was spring of 2012. A perfect fit! He and his staff get it. Compassionate, knowledgeable...but firm. You come to get better, and he’ll get you there, in a welcoming, light-hearted environment. Touchstone Rehab; blessed to have found it!

Touchstone and Dan have done a wonderful job at helping me get back on my feet again. I haven’t felt anything in my foot for a really long time. They are giving me a treatment that helps blood flow. So it looks like it is going to heal after being treated with everything and finally after a year long and an excellent Surgeon Dr. Dana Seltzer, it is finally getting better.


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