Orthotic and Prosthetic Rehab Clinic

Advanced Orthotic and Prosthetic Rehab Clinic phoenix AZ

Orthotic and Prosthetic rehabilitation following limb loss or paralysis is a team process. Your orthotic and prosthetic Phoenix AZ team coordinates in prioritizing the timing and type of interventions and technology utilized to assist your orthotic and prosthetic recovery. Due in high part to the expense of prosthetic, neuroprosthetic and orthotic technology, it is vital that you have experts in the field leading your team. Our team will coordinate the process, insuring you receive the highest quality, cutting edge prosthetic or orthotic technology to utilize during your walk to recovery.

Our team based patient evaluation will include the following:

  • Evaluating your prosthetic and orthotic components.

  • Evaluating Materials and configuration.

  • Evaluating your medical needs relating to rehabilitation.

  • Evaluating your prosthetic and orthotic components, materials and configuration.

  • Evaluating your Neuropsychology needs in respect to coping and peer support.

  • Evaluating your therapy and rehabilitation needs and establishing a program.