Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Arizona

Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Rehab team

Your spinal cord injury rehabilitation program will succeed with the help of the expertise, flexibility, commitment and cutting edge technology that Touchstone Rehabilitation provides.

Flexibility: Your program can range from 100% clinic based rehabilitation to a hybrid program of home based, community based or workplace based, depending upon your recovery needs and goals.

Expertise: Our clinicians lead the field in spinal cord injury rehabilitation knowledge including:

  • Gait analysis and training. Rancho Los Amigos Gait Analysis trained physical therapists with publications in the field and university based teaching experience.
  • Orthotic Evaluation and Prescription: Analysis of the most cutting edge and effective orthotic designs for gait recovery and collaborations with leaders in the orthotic fabrication field. Orthotics designed and produced locally.
  • Wheelchair Propulsion Analysis and Advanced Skill Training: Analysis of wheelchair propulsion and recovery stroke and instruction in effective propulsion stroke and advanced wheelchair skills.
  • Wheelchair and Seating Equipment: Established seating clinic to assess manual or power wheelchair needs. Extensive cushion and back trial equipment to insure correct seating prescription. Pressure mapping available to confirm appropriate seating setup.
  • Transfer analysis and training: Analysis and training to produce the most effective transfer techniques, which will also preserve the health of your shoulders and upper extremities.
  • Counseling and NeuroPsychology: Collaborations with local Neuropsychology, professional counseling, peer counseling and support groups.
  • (FES) Functional Electrical Stimulation: Evaluated for appropriate use of electrical stimulation for upper/ lower extremity strength, range of motion, spasticity reduction, gait training and hand function. Availability of the most up to date technology incuding Bioness L300, Bioness H200, FES Bike and Wearable Therapy.

Cutting Edge Technologies

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