Gait Clinic Arizona

Arizona Gait Clinic offers clinical gait analysis

Gait Clinic:

Returning to walking after any form of paralysis is a battle. Identifying areas of weakness, limited range of motion or spasticity and focusing on the correct treatment strategy are critical to your success.

Our founder has trained across the nation in clinical gait analysis and treating walking gait impairments.
Our team evaluates you, the client, through video or live walking gait analysis. Slow motion, frame by frame analysis identifies specific areas of need. We collaborate with the “best of the best” in orthotic and neuroprosthetic fabrication. If a brace is required, you will be custom fit and followed throughout your therapy program to insure the successful implementation of bracing system. We also have neuroprosthetic technology onsite to customize an FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) system for you, if appropriate.

If spasticity is limiting your gait, we collaborate with the appropriate physician to implement an appropriate therapy and medical plan to address the spasticity.

Bracing and neuroprosthetic systems can be extremely expensive. You need to get it right the first time. Our comprehensive approach insures accurate, effective and cost effective orthotic, prosthetic or neuroprosthetic prescription as well as optimizes a coordinated treatment strategy.

Touchstone Rehabilitation’s Arizona gait clinic provides clinical gait analysis, indentifies walking gait impairments and provides unmatched gait training rehabilitation to optimize your recovery.