Rehab Technology

Arizona rehab technology and programs for spinal cord injury

Touchstone Rehabilitation uses the best rehabilitation technology to get results for our patients. Using cutting edge technology and programs for spinal cord injury rehab has moved us to the front of the field in rehabilitation techniques. Touchstone also provides cutting edge rehabilitation technology for Video Gait Analysis with slow motion, frame by frame breakdown of walking or wheelchair propulsion to identify impairments and areas of need. Provides detailed clinical information to facilitate focused, effective training.

Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill Training: Using air pressure for unweighting, we can give extremely precise control of how much body weight a patient is using from 20% of their body weight, to 100% of their body weight in 1% increments. The IDEAL unweighting technology for spinal cord injury recovery, post surgical recovery, and athlete training.

Body weight supported treadmill training. Precise overhead lift system that provides proper upright posture and supports a portion of the person’s body weight. This can create a faster, more natural walking motion during training due to ease of movement and the rhythmic input of the treadmill.

Nintendo Wii: We make Rehab Fun! Challenge yourself as we incorporate the dynamic, never stopping, tons of fun Nintendo Wii into your balance, gait, strength and coordination program. The possibilities are endless and lots of fun work.

FES bike: provides powerful stimulation to 6 muscle groups of the legs to propel a recumbent bike. Can be used to strengthen muscles to those with voluntary movement in legs as well as provide endurance exercise, weight management and pressure sore prevention in those with complete spinal cord injuries.

FES EA 4000 Stimulator: This stimulator is able to provide the widest pulse width and most powerful wave of stimulation to elicit movement in partially invervated, deconditioned muscle.

Bioness L300: This wireless FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) Neuroprosthetic System stimulates the calf muscles that lift the foot, improving foot clearance and replacing AFO leg braces in appropriate candidates. The stimulation system can also be used to manage spasticity in the lower leg and thigh.

Wearable Therapy: Utilized for those that require a custom FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) Neuroprosthetic System. The specific muscular weaknesses are identified, after which a custom garment is designed to utilize during walking, upper extremity functional activity or for postural support. May also be utilized for pain management in any location on the body.

Uppertone Weight Training System: This weight training system is specifically designed for those with limited hand function. 3 point grip cuffs assist grip and specially designed weight stacks allow an individual with limited hand function to adjust resistance. Able to perform multiple exercises in one station.

Korflex Pro: Resistive tubing system applied to appropriate joints during gait training to train appropriate gait mechanics.

Nustep: A dual training device allowing arm and leg exercise at the same time while creating an intense cardiovascular workout. Our top of the line unit is also equipped with thigh guide cuffs to allow those with complete leg paralysis to exercise arms and legs safely at the same time.

Tilt Table: A safe initial progression to standing with full support of the body and slow elevation to standing. Excellent for early standing or those having challenge with maintaining necessary blood pressure during standing.

Standing Frame: is assistive technology that can be used by a person who relies on a wheelchair for mobility. A standing frame provides alternative positioning to sitting in a wheelchair by supporting the person in the standing position. Standing is important for bone density and blood flow.

XSensor Pressure Mapping:  Provides Precise pressure mapping of wheelchair cushions to identify appropriate cushion to avoid or help heal pressure ulcers.  

Glidecycle: A groundbreaking training and recreation tool, the Elliptigo is an elliptical trainer on wheels that allows you to explore the outdoors and have a great time, while
training your legs in the gait pattern with minimal load or strain on your joints.

Millenial Medical Crutches:

  • This technology is utilized by professional athletes in the NFL, NBA and NHL.

  • These crutches are available in axillary (under arm) or lofstrand (forearm) style.

  • They are one of a kind on the market in their design with an ergonomic grip to reduce stress on the wrist and hand, as well as a spring loaded, shock absorbing tip to reduce stress on the entire arm.

These crutches are available for use during therapy or for home trial at Touchstone Rehabilitation.

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