Free Google Home Minis for Paralysis Patients and Caregivers from the Reeve Foundation

Google Nest has teamed up with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to celebrate the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. To celebrate, they’re giving away 100,000 Google Home Mini’s free to paralysis patients and their caregivers.

One caveat: this offer expires on August 13, 2019, so those who can benefit have to act fast. Potential recipients can verify their eligibility through this link.

Eligibility is determined by answering a few simple questions.

What is a Google Home Mini?


The Google Home Mini, a highly reviewed Smart speaker with Google Assistant, is capable of interacting with over 5000 Smart devices in the home, and access to scheduling, music, search, and more. It’s a hands-free way to allow more freedom to control daily tasks for those with mobility challenges. It can also offer much-needed reprieve and support to caretakers.

How it can help

The device is voice-activated, allowing users access to features which can offer more independence to those with physical challenges and their caretakers. The Google Home Mini controls many typical Smart control devices, such as the thermostat, doorbell speaker, and lights that can provide security, relief, and comfort.

Why are they doing this?

The website asks that those “Individuals living with paralysis who receive a free Google Home Mini are encouraged to share their experience using #PowerOfVoice on all social media channels.”

The goal for both Google Nest and the Reeve Foundation is that those who receive the devices will share their experiences using them and bring attention to the benefits technology offers. They hope that these stories will inspire tech companies to commit to providing better technology to meet the needs of the disability population. This offer is an excellent example of technology falling into the right hands and the willingness of those who have the power to evoke meaningful change to do so.


The Google Home Mini requires an electrical outlet, a compatible mobile device, and wi-fi. Many people with physical challenges already have those requirements in place, making this a gateway to open many options for them. For caretakers, this provides the means of relief, making it possible for them to perform tasks without physical demands. 

We urge those of you who have a mobility limitation or are a caretaker to check your eligibility status. If you know of someone who may qualify for this great offer, please pass the information on to them soon.

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