The Etac Turner Pro Makes Transfers Easier

How one of the things caretakers ask physical therapists in Phoenix is about patients with mobility issues and their need is to be transferred from a bed or a chair to a wheelchair, toilet, or shower chair and back again. Today we’re going to talk about a device called the Etac Turner Pro. The Turner Pro was designed to be a safe, effective, and dignified means of transferring a patient.


Safe for caregiver and patient

Transferring a patient needs to be a safe venture for both the patient and the caregiver. Pulling, twisting, turning and lifting can result in injury to either party if done improperly. However, the Turner Pro makes movements with the potential for harm unnecessary.

Support to stand

A mobility-compromised patient always needs a sturdy object as a means of support when standing. Crutches, canes, and similar devices aren’t stable. The Turner Pro has a full, sturdy grip which can be adjusted to the height a patient is comfortable using. There is room on the grip for the hands of the patent and physical therapist or caregiver. The Turner Pro grip is stable due to the weight of the patient on a cast aluminum base plate.

The turn

Once the patient has his feet on the round aluminum base plate, he can stand with the aid of the sturdy grip. The physical therapist or caregiver can then use the Turner Pro to turn the patient to transfer him.


Support to sit

The patient can continue to steady himself with the aid of the grip during the turn of the base plate. After being turned, he is then able to sit down in the wheelchair or other destination. The Turner Pro comes with adjustable stabilizers which fit just below the kneecap. The patient can use these as a form of lateral stabilization during the entire procedure, but they’re particularly helpful when he is lowering himself to sit again.


The time and energy spent on a transfer can be exhausting for all parties involved if not done correctly. Once the patient can stand, they can be transferred without anyone being forced to twist or turn with the added element of weight. It’s a combination of a grip and a lazy Susan. The patient is in control of standing and sitting.



Dignity is essential to mobility-compromised patients. The patient doesn’t require a caregiver to touch them during the process, which eliminates the possibility of being pulled, yanked, or gripped too tightly. The patient remains in control of standing and sitting, yet has means of supporting himself during the entire process.


If you would like to try the Turner Pro, give us a call. The Turner Pro is also currently available from Southwest Medical for an excellent price. Mobility-compromised patients who can stand when offered a sturdy base can benefit from the assistance the device can provide, and caretakers will also find it enormously helpful.

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