Kristy Eastman, Model Extraordinaire

Kristy Eastman is one of those models with a great smile and long legs. The fact that one of them is prosthetic and sometimes blinged with thousands of Swarovski crystals is just part of her charm and contagious sense of fun.

Courage. Determination. Humor. Kristy.

Courage. Determination. Humor. Kristy.

Her story

After a childhood tumor left one leg two inches shorter than the other, Kristy had nineteen surgeries to try to correct the damage. Plagued by infections, embarrassed by her ‘ugly leg,’ she finally decided to have it removed. It was a wise choice: she says, “If you’re not happy with your situation, fix it.”

Moving forward

Following the surgery, she was fitted with a high-tech prosthetic device with a bionic knee incorporated. After a lifetime of crutches and wheelchairs, physical therapy and determination have given Kristy the freedom to walk, run, and her most recent endeavors, cycling, and kayaking.

Life-changing choice

How does she feel about her prosthetic leg? As she says, "I'm so proud of it, and thankful for the new life it's given me.” That new life not only includes the physical activities she can now do but also, she recently took third place in the semifinals and one of Jetset Magazine’s 100 Top Models. In addition to being a model for Naturally Fit Modeling Agency in L.A., Kristy is a motivational speaker and an avid supporter of, a non-profit dedicated to providing quality prosthetic legs to children, adults, and military who wish to lead an active lifestyle.

Is every day a great day?

No, according to Kristy, every day isn’t a great day, but, “Staying positive doesn’t mean you have to be happy every day. It means that even on hard days you know there are better ones coming.”

Sparkly! The caption reads, “If found, return to IHOP.”

Sparkly! The caption reads, “If found, return to IHOP.”

This supportive attitude has earned the admiration of many, as Kristy’s friends and followers cheer on this single mom and enjoy her unique brand of courage and comedy. It was recently typified in one of her memes: a picture of a model wearing a pair of shorts beside a photo of a skin lotion product. Just beneath it, a photo of Kristy wearing a pair of shorts beside a picture of WD-40. One of ther memes says, “You find it offensive. I find it funny. That’s why I’m happier than you are.”

Right on.

In the realm of prosthetic rehabilitation and physical therapy we need heroes like Kristy to remind us that whatever injury we’ve suffered, we can take up our cause and reach out to others, as well.

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