Kinova Robotic Arm

The Kinova Jaco assistive robotic Arm offers independence, safety, and dexterity to patients who lack upper mobility. Mounted on a wheelchair, this robotic arm can do almost anything a regular hand and arm can do, including daily tasks which involve reaching, grabbing, holding, and more. Precision and smooth operation are hallmarks of the device. Users who have spent years being dependent on the aid of others no longer require anywhere near the same level of help. Here are some of the reasons users say they’re happy with Jaco.



Because Jaco can pick up objects, users no longer have to rely on others for things such as picking up objects and opening doors. Jaco is nimble enough for users to be able to eat and drink themselves. Because they can also engage in self-care tasks such as brushing their teeth and hair,  users find they have much more freedom.

User security

Security is the second benefit of Jaco. Not only can users pick up the phone, but they can also open a door and leave a building in the event of an evacuation. They are no longer forced to wait for help to arrive. This is an especially excellent feature because families of users say their loved one’s independence brings them great peace of mind since safety is no longer an issue.


Jaco offers enough dexterity for users to engage in activities with others. They can play games, interact with pets, and use a computer. Many actions which require tensile skill and were formerly impossible are now achievable.

How it works

When Jaco is mounted on the outside of the wheelchair just in front of the user’s shoulder. It can be operated according to the interface best suited to the user. Options include a joystick, head array system, head control, sip-and-puff, or a combination of these. Because Jaco offers such high returns, users are eager to engage in occupational therapy to learn how it functions and practice maneuvering functions.

Jaco is a lightweight, durable device which offers flexible automation and uses a low amount of energy. IOt comes with a variety of features and accessories which can be selected and modified according to the needs of the patient. Jaco is a life-changing device for the user and those around him.

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