Exso Bionic Suit In Service Tuesday November 12th 4pm

Touchstone Rehabilitation will be hosting an in service for the Exso Bionic Suit at the main location on Tuesday November 12th at 4pm. Ekso GT™ is a wearable bionic suit which enables individuals with any amount of lower extremity weakness to stand up and walk over ground with a natural, full weight bearing, reciprocal gait. Walking is achieved by the user’s body shifts to activate sensors in the device which initiate steps. Battery-powered motors drive the legs, replacing neuromuscular function.

  • Provides a means for people with (as much as) complete paralysis, and minimal forearm strength, to stand and walk

  • Helps patients re-learn proper step patterns and weight shifts using a functional based platform

  • Facilitates intensive step dosage over ground

Download these flyers for more information:


EKSO GT Spec Sheet