Home Treatment of Ejaculatory Dysfunction in Spinal Cord Injured Men

An interesting development has occurred in the ability of spinal cord injured men to ejaculate and father children. Until recently, the only successful method for most men with spinal cord injuries is to ejaculate, usually involved hospitalized treatment. The inability to ejaculate is the primary cause of infertility in spinal cord injured (SCI) men. To induce ejaculation by penile vibratory stimulation (PVS) requires an intact ejaculatory reflex arch to provide transmission of afferent stimuli from penis to sacral, lumbar and lower thoracic spinal cord segments to the ejaculatory organs. The above mentioned spinal cord segments will, even when isolated from the brain, responds to PVS. In addition to ejaculatory dysfunction, the usually poor semen quality is another obstacle for SCI men who want to father children. However, PVS combined with today’s reproductive techniques provide improved and promising reproduction prospects to SCI men and their partners.Certain vibration parameters have been proven crucial to induce ejaculation by PVS in SCI men. With the adequate vibration power PVS has been proven successful in more than 85% of SCI men with lesions above the T10 spinal cord level. There are 2 devices that have hit the market to accomplish this. The least expensive is the Reflexonic Viberect which retails for $299.00 and the Ferticare Personal which retails for about $850.00. The video below demonstrates how the devices work for men with spinal cord injuries.